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Fran & Nathan ♡ Tankersley Park Golf Club, Sheffield Wedding

A look at Fran & Nathan’s beautiful Tankersley Park Golf Club wedding day.

○ What’s your love story?

Our first real date was bowling, where the tradition on the bride winning began 😂. We got engaged on Christmas Day 2018, Nathan proposed in our living room with a card from our unborn daughter as I was heavily pregnant at the time.

○ Why did you choose Tankersley Park Golf Club as your wedding venue?

After having to rearrange our wedding a number of times due to COVID, we realised that all we really wanted was to be married and decided on something short and sweet instead of the big hurrah.

○ What is the style/theme/vibe of your wedding?

Very relaxed and chilled with plenty of good food, alcohol and dancing!

○ What music are you walking down the aisle to / first dance and why?

Our first dance is to Home by Phillip Phillips. This felt perfect from the beginning as it’s about making each other safe and being there even when things are difficult and unexpected. We fell pregnant really early in our relationship, so we had to grow together.

○ What are you most looking forward to on the day?

Finally being married!

○ Describe your ideal wedding day in 3 words:

Relaxed, loving, easy-going

○ Why do you like natural wedding photography?

It shows people in moments of real emotion and feelings rather than staged and forced. It allows you to see how people were actually feeling in that moment.

○ Any advice for future brides & grooms planning their day?

Make it as stress free as possible, the most important thing is the marriage, not the wedding. Also, ignore family drama.

Venue : Tankersley Park Golf Club
Hair : Amy Elliott
Makeup : Giorgia Glazer MUA
Flowers : Paper Flowers by Nicky
Cake : Bealybob Bakery
Musician : Jonny Ross Music

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