I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve found something that I love, and am fortunate enough to do it for a living. I candidly take photos. If I can capture something genuine with my lens then I’m happy.

My attitude reflects my photojournalistic style. I can manage groups, but am happiest observing and being unintrusive – essentially letting people be themselves and capturing real memories from that.

I’d describe my photography as organic, creamy, dreamy & romantic wrapped up in one ♡.

Working in the wedding industry is a great way to surround yourself with beauty. I carry that ideology through the rest of my life and capture everything as I go. I get inspiration from all walks of life, from travelling the world, to splashes of colour, family & friends, the stars and music 🌍⭐.

Life is a collection of moments: my work lets me appreciate that and beautifully document each one I come across.

Sasha Lee Photography | Female Photographer | White Blossom