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6 Unique Wedding Party Favours Ideas for Guests

Today’s guest post has been kindly written and contributed by the lovely Emma Miller from Vow to be Chic.

Planning your perfect wedding can become stressful. So many decisions that need to be made, including wedding party favours. These are the one piece of your wedding that they can take home with them and remember your big day with. This is what they’ll cherish for the years to come. Pick the perfect gift for your theme, that nicely represents you and your significant other well. Below are some unique and fun gift ideas.

1. Perfect Match
wedding party favour idea | cute matchstick gift – Fuchsia Pink Tip Matches

Though lighters may have taken over a box of matches, they are, all the same, useful. Getting customised matchboxes is a unique but simple gift your guests would get a laugh from. Having “perfect match” written on the box along with the wedding date information would make for a cute, simple, and therefore cost-effective gift favour. You can get some handmade from Jules and Joy Gifts.

2. Take a Shot We’re Tying the Knot
wedding party favour idea | cute alcohol shot gift – Take a Shot We’re Tying the Knot Mini Patron Personalized

If you’re the couple that’s sure you have alcohol readily available for your guests during your reception, then this is the gift favour for you! Having small, one-shot bottles with a tag that reads “take a shot we’re tying the knot!” This is a super fun gift idea, though understandably not for everything. You can mix and match the shots you give out or even select you and your groom’s favourite drink or one that holds significant meaning.

3. Watch Love Grow
wedding party favour idea | cute flower seeds gift – Let Love Grow, personalised seeds

Another super cost-effective gift idea is packets of seeds that read “watch love grow.” This is very simple but also clever. Most people love having flowers in their home or garden bed. Even if they aren’t typically the type of people to go out, buy seeds and then plant them themselves, they’re sure to love them.

4. Beer Lip balm
wedding party favour idea | cute lip balm gift – Beer Chapstick Sweetened Lip Balm

Though lip balm may seem like a common guest favour, it’s the best and most practical gift idea. So many people use lip balm and therefore make it the ultimate favour. You can get especially homemade lip balm to make sure it’s unique and meaningful. You can get a beer lip balm from the website above. Beer lip balm is a fun way to incorporate your family’s love or passion for beer in a party favour without the expense of giving alcohol.

5. Love Spice
wedding party favour idea | cute spice gift – Love Wedding Spice

Have a family that loves cooking? Then this is the perfect gift favour for your wedding. Giving personalised spices is a super unique and useful wedding favour. You can create your own spice blend that you love or use all of the time. Or even a blend that you had used on the food at your wedding. This way, every time they use the spice blend they not only remember you because of the physical bottle but from the flavour of their food. Taste and scent are capable of bringing back memories that are tucked away. So, god forbid they forgot your wedding, the simple taste is sure to bring the joyful memories rushing back. 

6. Game of Love
wedding party favour idea | cute game tic tac toe gift – Noughts & Crosses Wedding Favour

Another unique gift idea is making or even ordering games of noughts & crosses. This may seem like a childish or silly favour, however, they are super fun and would match great with a rustic or barn themed wedding. The games include a little pouch that doubles as the game board. The pouch is then filled with rocks that have X’s and O’s on them. You can also write your wedding information on them. These make for a fun, useful, and unique wedding favour everyone is sure to love and play.

Party favours for your wedding may seem like a minimal thing, but it’s the one thing your guests can take home from your big day. Something they can hold onto and remember for all your happily married years to come!

Wedding Party Favours Ideas
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