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Women Giving Wedding Speeches ♡ Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day 💕. This worldwide event takes place every year as a way to mark and celebrate women’s achievements around the world.

So traditionally wedding day speeches have been left to the fellas – dads, best men, grooms, step-dads, etc. However as the years go on I’m witnessing more & more women standing up and having their say. And why not! Traditional shmadition – it’s your day, do whatever you want.

I totally love seeing (& hearing) brides, mums, bridesmaids, etc going against the formal norm’ – standing up and making their voices heard. And as someone who back in college would bumble through presentations with shaky hands, just watching these women fills me with a warm feeling of strength & confidence. Yet I’m just one person writing my thoughts down. I wonder how many other people in the room have been quietly inspired in the same way. Ladies, thank you for breaking the mould.

There is absolutely no shame in not making a speech. However if you’re considering it and are needing a little confidence boost to ease any nerves – let these strong females inspire you.

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