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Sarah & Lorenzo ♡ Bar Convent & NCEM, York Wedding

Introducing Sarah & Lorenzo’s beautiful NCEM & Bar Convent wedding.

“If you want all those little moments captured I would thoroughly recommend Sasha.”

What’s your love story?

We’ve been together a bit over 3 years and we got engaged about a year ago. A lot of our relationship has been long distance so we’re looking forward to that phase coming to an end 🙂

Why did you choose Bar Convent and the National Centre for Early Music?

My mum’s family are from York and I did my postgraduate studies there. The Bar Convent is somewhere I’ve been many times and have a family connection (several family members went to school there). Also it is very pretty too. We were looking for a simple but charming and spacious reception venue nearby, and the NCEM fits the bill. Given that it will still be winter, the underfloor heating was also a draw! Both the chapel and the NCEM have nice natural light going on as well, which is a bonus.

What is the style/theme/vibe of your wedding?

I’m not sure we have one – traditional church wedding with a few modern twists? Catholic family chaos? An Italian/Scottish/Yorkshire mash up?

What music are you walking down the aisle to / first dance and why?

I grew up in Glasgow and wanted to include that part of my background in the day. I’m walking down the aisle to the Mallaig Sprinkling song, which is a Scottish tune that they played at my church when I was a little girl. Our first dance will be the St Bernard’s waltz, which is a slow ceilidh dance.

What are you most looking forward to on the day?

The service, as that is when we actually get married. Though having so many friends and family in one place to celebrate with us is also a great blessing as they are pretty dispersed and some will have travelled a long way to be with us.

Why do you like natural wedding photography?

I think natural photographs are a nice opportunity to relive the moments of the day and remember the atmosphere. I also think your wedding should be a day where you feel yourself, not like you are putting on a performance, and a style that isn’t too formal helps facilitate that.

Any advice for future brides & grooms planning their day?

If you are long distance, shared Google sheets are your friend.

Kind words:

If you want all those little moments captured I would thoroughly recommend Sasha 1f642 

Venue : Bar Convent | National Centre for Early Music
Bridal Gown : French Connection
Hair : Kudos Salon
Makeup : Joanne @ Select Beauty Salon
Ceilidh Band : New Fox Band


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