Bakewell wedding photography with a gorgeous Polish bride and English groom at Bakewell Town Hall

Marzena & Gavin ♡ Bakewell Town Hall & Cavendish Hotel, Bakewell Wedding

A little look at Marzena & Gavin’s lovely Bakewell Town Hall wedding.

I had the pleasure of taking photos of Marzena and Gavin’s fabulous Bakewell Town Hall wedding and Cavendish Hotel reception in May 2016.

The sunny day began with bridal prep at Marzena’s home. She got her hair and make-up done in the company of her little baby girl and close family. The bride looked gorgeous in a beautiful long white dress, veil and pretty pastel flowers in her platinum hair. Baby Annie-Mac had a little headband of flowers too, which was so cute!

However this wasn’t your typical wedding. There were all sorts of Polish traditions to behold, one of which was the groom knocking on the bride’s door in the morning and her answering it! That was an unusual start, but a really sweet moment to capture.

The ceremony was at the Town Hall in the Derbyshire town of Bakewell, which is a lovely spot to tie the knot. I loved how they decorated the room with gorgeous pastel-coloured flowers. There were pale pink and cream peonies, carnations and roses everywhere – so pretty!

This pastel theme continued at The Cavendish Hotel in Baslow. This was the perfect, intimate venue for the reception, great for smaller wedding parties. After the meal, the couple cut their wedding cake, which was one the prettiest that I’ve ever seen, laced with fruit and flowers. (They also had an amazing ‘cheese’ cake, too!) The mother of the bride then gave a heartfelt speech which was very touching.

Afterwards, the wedding party went back to a quaint restaurant in Bakewell for a few more drinks, which included another Polish tradition – shots of vodka! Meanwhile, I took the bride and groom for a photoshoot by Love Lock bride, where Marzena and Gavin fixed their engraved lock and threw the key in the river. This was definitely my favourite memory of the day, and a nice moment to be a part of. The sun was setting over the river, the day was still warm and bright, and we captured some really lovely natural shots.

Marina and Gavin’s wedding was so enjoyable because everyone was so lovely! The boys were really excited and funny, and their little baby girl was so angelic-looking. My favourite photos are the family ones. There was a moment where the youngest boy somehow fell over, but barely reacted at all. What a tough little kid! 😁

Venue : Bakewell Town Hall | Cavendish Hotel

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