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Alice & Scott ♡ The Fishpond, Matlock Bath Wedding

A look at Alice & Scott’s wonderful The Fishpond Matlock wedding.

○ What’s your love story?

We met through Alice’s brother Joe, also Scott’s best friend. Alice was bridesmaid and Scott was best man. We’ve been together 7 years 🙂

○ Why did you choose The Fishpond as your wedding venue?

It’s local to us, we know the staff, great atmosphere and good food.

○ What is the style/theme/vibe of your wedding?

We haven’t really got one… erm, boho…rustic… maybe a bit of everything.

○ What music are you walking down the aisle to / first dance and why?

Still haven’t decided as we’re so unorganised.. will probably decide the day before. I just hate anything too cheesy.

○ What are you most looking forward to on the day?

Just being together with family and friends, especially those who have travelled a long way. I’m looking forward to Scott’s speech!

○ Describe your ideal wedding day in 3 words:

Fun, family and friends.

○ Why do you like natural wedding photography?

I much prefer a moment being captured rather than it being so forced, all my favourite pictures I have of my children are ones where they don’t realise I’m taking them – which I sometimes get told off for especially from my 15 year old!

○ Any advice for future brides & grooms planning their day?

Try to avoid planning through a pandemic. And… some things you shouldn’t do on the cheap such as wedding rings as we’ve had to send so many back. Haha

Venue : The Fishpond Matlock
Bride’s Dress : Aliexpress
Groom’s Suit : ASOS
Hair : Leah Flaxman
Makeup : Holly Mae
Flowers : The bride!

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