A beautiful muslim wedding at Sheffield St. Mecure Hotel and Spa, with a gorgeous white muslim wedding dress and natural photography by a female Yorkshire wedding photographer

Dhanine & Akram ♡ St. Paul’s Mercure Hotel, Sheffield Wedding

A look at Dhanine & Akram’s beautiful St. Paul’s Mercure Hotel Muslim wedding.

Dhanine & Akram got married at the end of February 2017, on a cool, calm and chilly day. Their muslim wedding took place at Mercure Hotel & Spa located in Sheffield’s beautiful St. Paul’s Place. Mercure Hotel is a pretty and popular central location for tourists of the city.

The beautiful muslim bride Dhanine opted for the most gorgeous sequinned white wedding dress with beautiful gold and silver jewellery. Her long, sleek black hair was gently curled, and topped off with a sparkly tiara and veil. She had some traditional henna painted on her hands which looked incredibly detailed and pristine. Akram looked both trendy and handsome, as he opted for a checkered suit and light pink bow-tie.

The bride and groom to-be met and had their first look at at Mercure Hotel & Spa. Shortly after they made their way over to Sheffield’s Winter Gardens for a couple’s photoshoot. Next up we made our way back to the hotel to greet the wedding guests. They had been waiting eagerly to see the gorgeous couple in the reception room, which had been decked out with white tables, a wall of light pink roses, drinks and plenty of food. They entered the room with guests who greeted them in traditional muslim style. So lots of singing, dancing and playing handheld drums! This made for a really fun and energetic start to their wedding!

We had lots and lots of group and family photos, up against the rose wall, before the male guests then left the venue. After Akram danced with his new wife and lots of the other female guests, he then left the venue too! Since only women were left at that point, ladies who chose to wear hijabs and burkas removed them to reveal their gorgeous, colourful and sparkly evening dresses and outfits. The rest of the night entailed plenty of music, dancing and having fun. It was a wonderful and lovely atmosphere to be apart of.

It is to my knowledge that while some muslim women choose to not wear a hijab or burka at all, there are plenty who happily do choose to do so, Dhanine being one of these ladies. As such, these women only remove them when in the company of females or close male family members, which is why they chose a female wedding photographer to document their day. As such, I of course respect their requests to not share all the photos of the evening, but rather just detail shots and photos of children. So I hope you can enjoy this little insight into this particular muslim wedding, and enjoy the gorgeous detail photos from the day.

Venue : Mercure Hotel & Spa

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