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Talia & Alex ♡ Trafalgar Warehouse, Sheffield Wedding

A look at Talia & Alex’s stunning Trafalgar Warehouse wedding in Sheffield.

Trafalgar Warehouse is an amazing alternative and industrial wedding venue located in the heart of Sheffield, which on a bright and chilly March day hosted the wedding of Talia & Alex.

What’s your love story?

Getting married on our 10th anniversary. We met in high school and have been together since. Then got engaged in 2017 on Brazilian Valentine’s Day – was supposed to be in the Winter Gardens but it was closed so Alex asked in Ego.

Why did you choose Trafalgar Warehouse?

It has a relaxed atmosphere and is not too formal which was important to both of us. We both also lived on that street in first year of uni so the area’s very familiar to us.

What is the style/theme/vibe of your wedding?

Very low key with lots of plant life and greenery and also quite minimalist. We have styled our decor choices around what we have in our home to reflect as much of us as possible.

What music are you walking down the aisle to / first dance and why?

Walking down the aisle to Patience by the Lumineers, as this reminds us of our trip to Iceland when we got stuck in a storm and repeatedly listened to the whole album. The first dance is to Is This Love by Bob Marley. Alex picked this song as it reminds him of me.

What are you most looking forward to on the day?

Obviously the getting married part! But also having all of our family and friends together as we are all quite geographically spread out.

Describe your ideal wedding day in 3 words:

Relaxed, fun and intimate.

Why do you like natural wedding photography?

We both agreed that we found the staged photography a little bit out of our comfort zone and saw the natural style which was more to our taste as it was more casual and relaxed.

Any advice for future brides & grooms planning their day?

We have had quite a long engagement which we both appreciate as it’s allowed us to take everything in our stride and benefit from planning ahead.

Venue : Trafalgar Warehouse
Bridal Gown : Ebay
Makeup : Craft Makeup
Flowers : Planetology Florist
Pie Cart : PieEyed


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