Sheffield's light festival beautiful photography at Sharrow Lantern Carnival 2018 with photos by natural Sheffield photographer Sasha Lee Photography

Sharrow Lantern Carnival 2018 ♡ Sheffield Festival

The Sharrow Lantern Carnival almost feels like Yorkshire’s take on Festival of the Dead. It is a major event on the Sharrow calendar and never fails to disappoint. This year it had a monster theme and landed on the same day as Easter Sunday and April fools: safe to say it was an eventful weekend.

Sheffield’s peaceful and sparkly march began in 2004 as an annual celebration of the end of the Iraq war. Since then it has grown to become a Sharrow staple and an asset to Sheffield.

The orchestrator of the event, Luisa Golob, arranges free workshops leading up to the festival, where members of the community gather to create lanterns to light up the streets. To keep up to date with future events visit Creative Action Network.

Personally, I like to see the community banding together and creating something much bigger and brighter than all of us. And because it’s Sharrow, that community is one filled with many different races, creeds and cultures. 

Guest Post written by Nathan Gordon. 

Sharrow Lantern Carnival Sheffield 2018
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