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I love photography. An obvious fact, but yes it is true. Although I love photography, I will put my hands up and say that I am guilty 🙌🏼- guilty of storing hundreds upon thousands of cherished photos… on my phone. Where they are fondly looked upon and shared between a party of… one. Me. 🙊

Many of these are photos that I LOVE, that elicit emotion and feature many of my nearest & dearest. Photos that I know would be enjoyed by so many peeps. So why do so many of us do this? Why not share the love? I guess it’s just easier not to. Who has time to search for a suitable photo-book maker, or traipse down to Boots on a busy Saturday afternoon with the aim of printing off a few 6 x 4 snaps.

When it comes to a day as special as a wedding however… Why not immortalise the day in a way that is just as special? Sure, couples are more than likely to share the photos on Facebook, but there will probably come a day when that platform becomes a ghost town. For instance, I mean who ever goes back and looks through their photos on Myspace? One of the fab things about Storybooks is that they have the longevity factor. While floppy disks and CDs have become redundant, physical books have stuck around.

With the right print company, the colours & details of photos can look even better on paper, as opposed to on a small LCD phone screen. This is for sure the case with our Storybooks, as our carefully sourced suppliers Folio Albums do the most wonderful job from start to finish, (they really do, I even went to the production HQ to see for myself)!

The Storybooks are pretty heavy and robust. Whenever I hand them over to prospective brides & grooms, they almost always comment on the weight and sturdiness, which bodes well for the longevity of these books that will no doubt be passed down and enjoyed by generation to generation.

The photos are printed directly on to a very thick, matte 200gsm Art White paper. The books open out flat with an almost invisible crease, allowing for large photos to be printed on to a double-page spread.

Each Storybook will be delivered in a natural cotton bag and a cardboard presentation box to keep it clean & safe.

The Storybook ordering process is pretty simple, and you’ll basically end up with exactly what you want. Here’s how it goes…

1) I photograph your wedding & deliver your USB within 3-5 weeks.
2) You tell me which size book and which colour cover you would like.
3) I create the first draft of your Storybook and email it over to you. From there you can ask me to amend whatever you like, be it changing a photo around, altering the layout, removing a particular photo, etc.
4) Upon receiving your approval, the design will be sent to print and will be with you within 2-4 weeks.
5) You will receive the Storybook in the post, and perhaps make a hot drink, cuddle up with your significant other and enjoy reliving your special day.
6) Family & friends for years to come will enjoy looking through the Storybook upon visiting your pad (probably 😁).

Sasha Lee Photography Storybooks pretty pastel wedding albums by Folio Albums with a girl having a coffee storybook

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