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Ashleigh & Brett ♡ UK Beach Wedding Photography

“Wedding photography was the one aspect we were extremely nervous for since we rarely ever get in front of the camera. However, Sasha has this energy that makes you feel like you’ve known her for a long time already, putting you at ease and actually making it really enjoyable. Other times, you wouldn’t even know Sasha was there, even during the ceremony I didn’t notice! Sasha even went out of her way to stay out late and tackle a storm with us to create the beach shoot I always dreamed of. She finds intimacy, details and magic to encapsulate people in their most raw and beautiful selves ✨”

I absolutely LOVED photographing this dreamy UK beach wedding shoot. Ashleigh & Brett decided to forgo the traditional engagement shoot which was part of their booking, and have a post-wedding photoshoot instead. That way they could have the beautiful beach photos they dreamed of without restraints of wedding day timings & worry of dirtying outfits.

We met at Yorkshire’s stunning Flamborough Cliffs on a cool evening, and we were blessed with the most beautiful setting – dusty skies, rainbows, a cool breeze & dramatic clouds. Just perfect.

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