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20 Tips For Working From Home | Getting Productive & Organised

The idea of working from home sounds idyllic to many. Getting up whenever you want, lounging on the settee in your PJs with Holly & Phil chirping away in the background as you fly through that important report. Phone meetings that you haven’t even had to brush your hair for, and welcoming friends & family around for a chatter while you finish up those spreadsheets.

This all sounds like a lovely and dreamy scenario, however like anything, the reality isn’t always as straight forward. Working from home takes a huge chunk of self-motivation and discipline to get both organised and productive. It’s easy to become your own worse enemy when no one is around to help keep everything in check.

As a self-employed wedding photographer, my year is spent approximately 25% out on actual physical jobs – weddings, photoshoots, meetings, etc. The other 75% is spent working from home – emails, admin, editing, blogging, etc. So I guess you could say I’m pretty well-versed in this field, which is why I’ve decided to put together this article featuring some of my most useful tips for working at home. Also featuring a bunch of helpful tips from other experts in the work-from-home field.

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1. Don’t dawdle.

When you wake up, by all means hit your snooze button once or twice, or go and put the kettle on. But don’t take too long before brushing your teeth, washing your face and getting dressed. It can be too easy to leave those things for longer than you should.

2. Make a schedule.

Personally, I write my schedule for the entire week a week prior. That kind of planning might not be necessary for everyone, but having some kind of to-do/checklist in place is great for motivation once you start crossing things off of that list.

3. Keep your workspace tidy.

A little spruce around in the morning, or even night before can work wonders. Honestly, clear space = clear mind.

4. Smart snacking.

It can be soooo tempting to snack for no reason. Especially unhealthy snacks, and especially when you’re not even hungry. To combat this, I either grab a healthy snack such as grapes or sliced carrot. However more often than not I’ll simply make a hot drink which usually satiates the craving for a little while.


5. Call a friend or family member.

Humans are social creatures, and you might find yourself missing that bit of social interaction from office-life. Give yourself a break every now and then by giving a friend or family member a ring for quick chinwag. Maybe even have a walk around while doing so to stretch your legs.

6. Make your workspace pretty.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy! Light a candle. Pick some flowers from your garden or order some from a local florist. Use your favourite mug for a brew.

7. Move around.

So I’m not sat in the same place and same position all day getting achey, I move myself around where possible. Working from the coffee table on the floor, to the office desk, and even while standing by putting my laptop on the kitchen counter.

8. Play with your pet.

If you have a furry companion in the house, take 5/10 minutes here and there to give them a cuddle and have a play. It’s boost both your mood and theirs.


9. Have a routine.

“Have a routine and just because you’re home doesn’t mean you have to work CONSTANTLY when you’re at home. Yes it’s your workspace, but also everything else. Try to separate it.”
– Photographer | Emma McNair Photography | Facebook | Instagram

10. Cook your lunch from scratch.

“If you’re hungry and need a little break then you can learn how to cook something new with what you already have in. Foodtube is a good shout for the recipes.”
– Website Developer | Sitebeast | Facebook | Instagram

11. Go outside for a walk.

“Go out for a walk. I know that’s something that helps clear my head and a good way to refresh when you’re cooped up at home.”
– Photographer | EKR Pictures | Facebook | Instagram

12. Get your to-dos written down.

“I make a to-do list every morning and night. I feel it clears the mind and is also productive too.”
– Singer | Becki Fishwick | Facebook | Instagram

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13. Set a daily alarm.

“Getting up at the same time every day was a huge learning curve when I first started working from home! And making time for exercise was a good boost too.”
– Wedding Planner | The Wedding Help | Facebook | Instagram

14. Create a morning routine.

“One thing that keeps me motivated is my morning routine! I like to take 20 minutes out of my morning for a meditation so I can reflect on what I’m working towards and my goals. I also keep a gratitude journal to remind myself of all the amazing things life has to give and has given, even through tough times.”
– Bespoke Feather & Flower Creator | Thistles Studio | Facebook | Instagram

15. Get your body moving.

“Stretch/star jumps in the morning. It’s really easy to just roll out of bed in front of the desk, but you gotta get the blood moving to get the brain working, (no longer doing that little walk to the car, office, desk, etc).
– Photographer | Monkeymole Photography | Facebook | Instagram

16. Set boundaries with your partner.

“Set boundaries with your partner if both at home. It’s really easy for them to just keep popping in and distracting. Close doors etc, as it helps to focus.”
– Photographer | Monkeymole Photography | Facebook | Instagram


17. Schedule breaks.

“Schedule in breaks. It’s easy to forget to take time away from the laptop just because you’re at home – need to have breaks out of the office.”
– Photographer | Monkeymole Photography | Facebook | Instagram

18. Get dressed.

“Get dressed. Very easy to be in your slumber-wear, but you’ll be nowhere near as productive. No shirt and tie, but no PJs.”
– Photographer | Monkeymole Photography | Facebook | Instagram

19. Remove distractions.

“Remove distractions. Easy to have a TV on in the backgrounds, bill on the table that needs sorting or holiday catalogues knocking around. A clear desk helps to focus.”
– Photographer | Monkeymole Photography | Facebook | Instagram

20. Get some fresh air.

“If you can’t get outside, open a window and let some fresh air in.”
– Graphic Designer specialising in Wedding Stationary | Clare Designs | Facebook | Instagram

Tips for Working From Home
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