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It’s always a pleasure volunteering to help out at The RSPCA Sheffield branch. They do such an amazing job at rehabilitating lost, abandoned and abused animals. But it’s great to witness first-hand the sheer amount of effort and care that goes into helping these animals find happiness in a new forever-home.

I recently popped over for another visit to photograph the new furry members of the shelter, in hopes of getting some lovely shots to catch the eye of potential adopters. I was accidentally given a black eye from an overexcited, happy bull mastiff. I also have tiny punctures all over my thighs from cats who seemed to think that I needed a vigorous and loving massage. However it was still an absolute pleasure! These animals have so much love to give and so much happiness to bring into people’s lives. Please consider adoption.

See the current waiting adoptees at RSPCA Sheffield.

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