RSPCA Sheffield Open Day with natural pet photography in Sheffield Yorkshire

RSPCA Sheffield Branch Open Day & Dog Fest ♡

This Sunday the hardworking RSPCA Sheffield Branch hosted a fun event, called the Open Day & Dog Fest. The idea behind the event was to both fundraise for the charity and raise awareness for the adoptee pups who are awaiting their forever homes. It was a super fun day with lots going on! From tombolas to homemade cakes, to obstacle courses and dog competitions. It was a lovely sunny day with a really great turnout and atmosphere!

Having volunteered to photoshoot the animals at the RSPCA on numerous occasions, they kindly invited me along to this open day to offer photoshoots of the attendees, with the option to purchase prints of their beloved pooches afterwards. I’ve always grown up with cats in the family, we never had a dog. I love all animals, so it’s not a case of preferring cats over dogs, but being not being so familiar with dogs, I was looking forward to seeing how the day would pan out as I met so many lovely owners and their pets. Every single one of the dogs I had the pleasure of shooting had a completely different and unique personality from the next, so it was all quite unpredictable but a lot of fun! I got to meet and take photos of lots of pups, including a super shy staffie, inquisitive border collie, spunky dalmatian, big, old cuddly lab and so many more.

Here are a handful of photos from this super fun day. I’m for sure looking forward to next year’s, and if you have a dog you should come and bring them along too!


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