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Cute & Fun Engagement Shoot Ideas ♡

See now, I’m a huge believer that pre-wedding shoots don’t have to just be an awkward hour of forced grins & structured poses in a studio. With a little imagination you can make a super fun day out of it, and get some real natural shots of you & your beau just having a LOVELY time. So here, I want to share with you some of my favourite cute & fun engagement shoot ideas.

1. The Seaside.

Write your names in the sand, take a frisbee, look for pretty shells or dip your toes in & splash about in the water. There’s always simple fun to be had at the beach.

Fun Engagement Shoot Ideas | The Beach | The Seaside
2. A Funfair.

Get cutesy shots on the ferris wheel & carousel, followed by rough & tumble on the dodgems, topped off with a candy floss and/or ice cream treat.

Fun Engagement Shoot Ideas | Funfair | Theme Park
3. A Flower Field.

Beautiful in person & on camera – flower fields always make a wonderful backdrop, whatever the season.

Fun Engagement Shoot Ideas | Flower field
4. At Home.

Because where else are you at your most natural, relaxed best?Why not do some brownie-baking together before relaxing with a couple of cuppas’ on the settee.

Cute engagement shoot photoshoot idea | Baking at home couple shoot | Engagement & wedding photography Sheffield | South Yorkshire natural photographer | Cute couple baking brownies at home
5. Under Cherry Blossom.

It’s only around for a couple of weeks at most, but if you’re lucky enough to schedule in your shoot within this time, you won’t be disappointed. Especially when the petals start to fall. Blossom is one of my all time favourite things to photograph.

Fun Engagement Shoot Ideas | Cherry Blossom
6. A Café.

Have a cute date out at one of your favourite cafés, or the one you’ve been meaning to go and try out. Bonus points if the café has cakes and board games!

Fun Engagement Shoot Ideas | Cafe
7. Picnic in the Park.

Another simple & cute idea – a walk around the park, snapping lovely shots along the way, followed by treating yourselves to a homemade, personal picnic.

Fun Engagement Shoot Ideas | Picnic in the park
8. Where you had your First Date.

Relive the fond memories of your first date – this time a little older, and a little more in love, with a photographer capturing the moment.

Fun Engagement Shoot Ideas | First date
9. Strawberry Picking.

Or any kind of fruit picking! Autumn blackberries… summer apples… take your pick (pun intended).

Fun Engagement Shoot Ideas | Strawberry picking
10. Urban spots around the City.

Hot graffiti spots around the city can make for insanely bright, beautiful & eclectic backdrops.

Fun Engagement Shoot Ideas | Urban places in city
11. The Countryside.

It’s a classic. Especially nice if going for country walks is something that you & your love ordinarily like to do.

Curbar Edge engagement photoshoot | Peak District couple photographer | Gorgeous natural engagement photography in Derbyshire The Peak District | Golden hour photography couple goals
12. At an animal farm / petting zoo.

CUTENESS all around – you’re guaranteed some adorable & fun shots with animals included.

Fun Engagement Shoot Ideas | Petting zoo
13. An Arcade.

Often filled with neon lights, arcades are aesthetically pleasing and heaps of fun. Enjoy racing each other on Mario Kart before getting worn out on the Dance Dance Revolution machine.

Fun Engagement Shoot Ideas | Arcade
14. A Pumpkin Patch.

Obviously an exclusively autumn-time activity – pumpkin picking is both fun and another beautiful backdrop for photos. Some places even have carving stations so you can get your creations captured too!

Fun Engagement Shoot Ideas | Pumpkin patch
15. Woodlands.

Often a more quiet & secluded option – having a walk around woodlands can be a bit of calm fun. Especially beautiful in autumn with the vast array of warm changing colours.

Leeds engagement photoshoot | Leeds wedding photographer | Leeds woodland couple photography |

Cute & Fun Engagement Shoot Ideas
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