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Amy & Andrew ♡ Papplewick Pumping Station Wedding,

A look at Amy & Andrew’s beautiful Papplewick Pumping wedding.

○ What’s your love story?

We met when we both went to see Andy’s sister (Amanda – best man!) who incidentally is Amy’s best friend. Even though we’d been friends since school I had never actually met Andy properly and then we spent the weekend together staying at Amanda’s place while she was at uni in Newcastle. We started dating after that and 10 years, two children, one dog, two houses and 3 wedding dates later we’re getting married! He proposed to me by the river in Chester while we were out celebrating his 30th birthday!

○ Why did you choose Papplewick Pumping Station as your wedding venue?

We chose Papplewick Pumping Station because we wanted something different and that fit our style. As soon as we visited we knew that was where we wanted to get married, the place was perfect!

○ What is the style/theme/vibe of your wedding?

We don’t particularly have one… The colours are black, white and gold and there are some bees dotted about! 🙂

○ What music are you walking down the aisle to / first dance and why?

Walking down the aisle to The Night King (a nice piece of music from Game of Thrones) because its beautiful and has a lovely build up which works really well with the venue too!

○ What are you most looking forward to on the day?

Having all of our friends and family together in the same location and FINALLY being able to get married after 2 reschedules!

○ Describe your ideal wedding day in 3 words:

Relaxed, informal, energetic!

○ Why do you like natural wedding photography?

We aren’t huge fans of staged shots and when we take photos of our children we tend to take them of them just playing or doing something whilst unaware of the camera. The natural shots are the most true to life and we love to see the captured naturally occurring moments.

Venue : Papplewick Pumping Station
Flowers : Made by the bride!
Cake : The bride’s sister!
Ice Cream : Truly Scrumptious Gelato 

Papplewick Pumping Station Wedding Photographer
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